I Took Anonymous Business from 1.64K to 9.24K



This is an anonymous case study in which the client does not want their products or business to be named due to competition and legal implications. I started doing facebook advertising and marketing consulting for the company on Sept 1st 2017.

Here is a before shot of their sales and facebook advertising results when they originally came to me.


Total Revenue Aug 1 – Aug 31 2017

Sales Attributed to Facebook Ads (28 day click, 1 day view)


As you can see they were only bringing in 1.64K in total revenue and had a negative return on their ad spend with a total of 13 purchases at $50.43, which left them at negative $170.08.

It took some time to get them cash positive, but by November 2017 I increased their attributed sales by 661.54% and decreased their cost per purchase by 14.34%.


Aug Vs November Attributed Sales (28 day click, 1 day view)

What people do not understand and something to pay some serious attention to is how their overall sales increased month over month regardless of being negative in the facebook 28 day click and 1 day view attribution windows. The reason for this is because advertising works in ways that cannot simply be attributed within this time frame and with pixel tracking. For example, word of mouth, repeat purchases and brand recognition. Comparing total sales from The same period above Aug to November you can see that overall revenue and sales more than doubled and facebook advertising was the only change we introduced to the marketing strategy at this point.


Total Revenue Aug 2017

Total Revenue Nov 2017

Finally it was in January, after months of split testing and interpreting results that we started getting real month over month return within facebook’s 28 day click 1 day view attribution.


Sales Attributed to Facebook Ads Jan 2018 (28 day click, 1 day view)

After this point I started to advise on landing and webpage changes as well as marketing via other channels such as Adwords affiliate and influencer. Here here a look at their sales and revenue on a monthly basis from the day I started working with them until the day this was written.


Total Revenue Sep 1 – April 31 2018

The moral to this case study is that you can’t always assess the success of your ads within a 28 day click and 1 day view attribution window. Ads often work in mysterious ways and contribute to your bottom line whether you know it or not. Traditional advertising does not measure success in such a short period of time and neither should you. I was eventually able to get this account cash positive month over month on faceook’s reporting, but we were seeing huge gains even before we hit that monthly cash positive ROAS point.